Sports Bras & Tri Suits

Several of our new female club members have had questions about what to wear for their first tri. With the season beginning, now is a good time to get prepared. 

You should wear a bra under your tri suit or running vest. You should be running in a well fitted and supportive sports bra, not a tight crop top (see links below). The same one that you wear running is fine, just make sure any removable padding is removed so you are not any soggier than necessary. It might feel a bit odd at first to be in a wet bra on the bike but it will be long forgotten by the time you get on the run.

Many tri suits are unisex, some are women specific. The breast support included with some women specific suits is not going to be enough support for most women, you will most likely want to still wear a bra. Be aware of sizing differences in unisex suits too, you might be a small in a unisex and a medium or large in a women specific suit. The current verge club gear is sex specific and generally small fitting. 

Some tri suits zip at the front, some at the back, know which way around your suit fits to avoid a very uncomfortable ride, you want your padding to be well fitting and not bunched around the saddle. If your tri suit zips at the back, tuck the zip in so that you don’t inadvertently open when you open your wetsuit. 

A tri suit is not essential, if you choose to go without, a light and tight fitting running vest or T-shirt (and bra) and bibless cycling shorts are best. There is more padding in a pair of cycling shorts than in a tri suit so they will be a bit softer but soggier – everyone has their own preference. 

Most choose not to wear socks on the run for a sprint, so try a short run or two without socks in training to get use to the feeling. For longer distance events, some will put the socks on for comfort and take the hit on time in transition. 

If there are any questions, reach out to me, I’d be happy to chat.
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