New2Tri Beginner Training

Welcome to CTCs New2Tri Training Program for 2023! 

This is all about getting started, the attached program kicks off from 6th February, but feel free to get cracking sooner or join at your leisure a little later too. 

Have a read of the attached training plan, check out the TI Event calendar and set yourself a Tri goal by signing up for an event. We’ve thrown in a few suggested local events that may pique your fancy. All you need to do then is dig in, show up, get the work done and enjoy the journey! 
The swim session are posted below, so just follow along each week. Happy training!

New2Tri Training Plan Overview

Swim Drills are a great way to improve technique. When done properly and slowly, build muscle memory, so you continue to swim well when tired.

Run sessions

  • Run sessions for each week are posted on our Facebook page on Tuesday evenings.

And if you are looking for some tips/tricks for running, some time back, we had Adam Doyle of DT Fitness hold a running workshop for us, here is the material he shared which we worked through during the session – magic stuff, take a look!