Fastnet Sprint Triathlon Race Report – Amy Desmond

8th June

The Fastnet triathlon takes place in the beautiful costal village of Schull. It was an organised club weekend away and a great opportunity to get to know other members. We stayed the night before the race and had the tea and chats to settle the nerves before an early slumber.

Race Day: Bottom Left: Jen Kennedy, Aideen Kehoe, Amy Desmond, Ruth O’Mahony, Top Left: Amy Desmond. Top Right, Aideen Kehoe, Brendan O’Sullivan, Amy Desmond.
Sunday Crookhaven: Deirdre Wallace, Amy Desmond, Jen Kennedy, Ruth O’Mahony, Roisin Burke, Emer O’Leary, Brendan O’Sullivan

Race Day:

I got up early and went into the kitchen to find Roisin eating breakfast in her trisuit and even fashioning the timing chip anklet! That got me in the zone right away. Time to get ready!

It took me an age to get set up at transition, especially fumbling with the timing chip and figuring out its fastening (Roisin was dead right!). I’m thankful we arrived early as I was barely ready in time for briefing.

It was great to see so many CTC members and to have so many advisors on hand. This was my first time in a trisuit which is certainly my least flattering outfit but I got over it as I was glad to be in the club gear along with the other 40 members and felt really part of it.


It was a harbour swim in a triangle with nice big obvious buoys. A more senior member taught me the “spit and lick” technique to keep the goggles from fogging up which worked a treat. The water was cold but manageable and I stayed at the back to keep out of the kicking shoal.

I kept bumping into Brendan, my fellow newbie, but eventually found my own line and settled into the swim. My sighting definitely needs improving as I almost swam into a yacht as well. I think I should have tried to push on a bit in the swim. I was so focused on keeping my breathing calm that I never really accelerated and cruised in slowly at 19mins.


The cycle was a difficult start with an uphill run to the mount line followed by an early uphill section which left my breathless. However I settled into it from the first descent. There were amazing coastal views and I absolutely loved that it was an ‘out and back’ course which meant I go to see everyone. This definitely helped to keep me motivated. It took me 55 minutes.


The run was definitely the hardest discipline for me. It was described on the Triathlon Ireland website as a “flat run” so I was caught off guard by the hills (which are probably only  gentle inclines but felt like hills). Seeing many CTC members on their return leg offering so much support with their precious breath definitely helped to get me to the finish line. The stunning views and glorious weather can definitely take credit for that too. 27mins and it was all over!

Post Race:

I was ecstatic at the finish line. A lot of the CTC gang lined the way to the finish with shouts of “go on Amy” and “well done” which made it even more special. I was happy enough with the time. I really had no idea what to aim for but I was glad there were a few finished after me.

Overall it was a very enjoyable race, beginner friendly and very well organised. I had a lovely night in Schull getting to know everyone and celebrating our efforts with great food and fantastic company. Can’t wait for the next one!