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Considering Joining Cork Tri Club?

Cork Tri has about 250 members, with females making up one third of the club profile. New members are always welcome and the club caters for all abilities. There’s something for everyone within Cork Tri, from the beginner with an eye on completing their first triathlon to the ambitious athlete looking for success at a national or international level.


Membership for Cork Triathlon Club is available through the Triathlon Ireland application system.  All CTC members must be members of Triathlon Ireland so as to be covered for insurance purposes for our training sessions.
  • Club membership is €60 with the membership year being Jan-Dec.
  • Junior club membership is €20 (€5 for under 16yrs) with the membership year being Jan-Dec.
Membership to the club will allow you to participate in regular club training sessions, entry to CTC seminars and subsidised training at organised training events. Members actively participating in club run events get a return of multiples of the membership fee in subsidies for training and coaching as well as free organised sessions. There is also a great social element to the club with a very active social committee organising social/training weekends away, activities around designated club “away” races and local social events around Cork. There’s a wealth of experience within the club, a fantastic cohesion between clubmates and of course, there might be a little competitive rivalry on occasion!

Ok, I’ve joined, what next?

Show up! Get involved! Once you have joined the club through Triathlon Ireland, you are welcome to join club training sessions, make sure you identify yourself to the Coach or the leader at the session and to other members!

Club Communication

Keep an eye on our Facebook page or webpage for details of training sessions and registration. Most of our communication happens through our public facebook page. Your email address will be added to our mailing list and you should receive a welcome email from the club, it might take a few days between joining and receiving this email as you need to be added to the list (currently a manual process). We do send some communication via the club newsletter, typically on a monthly basis, it depends really on what’s going on. The welcome message has information about the club, link to the club WhatsApp group and a warm welcome.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Logon to the webpage

  • Q: How do I log onto the club wepage
  • A: There is no member login to the club webpage. The login shown is purely for web support/posting purposes.

Club communication

  • Q: I joined, but haven’t received any communication from the club, how do I know what is going on?
  • A: It may take a few days to be added to the club mailing list. We use Mailchimp for club email to send the welcome message, please check your spam folder as sometimes the emails go to spam. Emails come from, so make sure this is on your approved email list.


  • Q: Can I join at any time of year?
  • A : Annual Club membership runs from the end of one year to end Dec the following year, while you can join at any time. Annual membership is not based on when you joined, so best not to join to late in the year.

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