Wednesday Speed Session 10th July

Repeat 1600s (or miles depending on what age you are) so 3 x 1600m. Hopefully at an even pace across the 4 laps for each of the 1600s and an equally even pace across the three 1600s.

There was a little bit of mayhem across the groups last week with people seeding themselves in the incorrect pace group. If unsure of the group to go in it is better to go into a higher up group and drop back to a slower group if the pace is too hot. Rather than blowing the slower group apart because you are too fast. It is more difficult to move up a group.


Easy 2 lap warm-up

Dynamic stretch


3 x 1600m with 800m easy jog recovery

Cool down

Usual arrangements, the session will as is usual take place on the back rugby pitch in the Ballincollig Regional Park. It starts at 7:00pm sharp so try to get there a bit early as we start promptly at 7. The best place to park if you are driving to the session is the small carpark by the Ballincollig Community Allotments. This is just behind the “New” Ballincollig church.