Wednesday Run January 31st

We’ll go back to the original meeting times this week so meeting at the carpark on the city side of the Kingsley Hotel on the Straight Road at 6:30pm or alternatively at the first roundabout inside the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road at 6:50pm. It recommended that if you are new to the club or unsure of your fitness level that you go to the business park for the first few runs until you are familiar with the session. The run is ideally suited to both very fit and fast runners as well as beginners and the less fit. We do the run on a 1km loop so no one gets left behind or isolated.


Easy run from the Straight Road via the Curraheen River walkway

or alternatively get a short warmup in the business park before the meeting time of 6:50pm

6 x 60m Strides

4 x 6 minutes at tempo with 3 minute easy recovery jog

Regroup at the roundabout after the session, run back to the Straight Road for those that started there.

Please try to wear some hi-viz clothing or some form of lighting.