Volunteering & Coaching with CTC

Cork Tri encourages members to get involved in the club through volunteering – either on committee, at sessions, or by joining the coaching panel. There are a number of options available to members who would like to get involved and give back to CTC and there is a lot of opportunity to develop skillsets through club volunteering. There is also the option to do certain courses, paid for by the club, with an agreement to volunteer for a stipulated number of hours over a year or two years.

Coaching pathway

Tri Leader, as the initial step in becoming a triathlon coach. It’s ideal for those who wish to either assist existing coaches in a club environment or to start the coaching pathway in their own right. Tri Leader is a prerequisite for continuing to the next step of becoming a Level 1 Coach. 

Building on skills learned during the Tri Leader, the Level 1 Coaching course enables coaches to expand their breadth of knowledge and skills and provide independent coaching to groups of athletes in certain settings. 

Further developing skills, confidence and experience, the Level 2 Coaching course enables independent coaching in more complex and challenging situations. 

The Tri Leader qualification is accredited by Sport Ireland Coaching. The Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching courses are accredited by World Triathlon and Sport Ireland Coaching.

Tri Leader certification

Can assist a Level 1 or 2 coach

→  Can set up a session, complete the safety documentation and provide session details from a session plan prepared by a coach. A Tri Leader can lead parts of the session for example warm up and cool down under the supervision of a coach or independently where necessary following consultation with the coach and using guidelines set out by a coach. 

Can organise and facilitate (set up) any adult session – enclosed, open road or open water – and lead any enclosed adult session (pool, turbo, track, park etc.) This means they can set up a session, complete the safety documentation, manage sign in, send out session information, give the group information on safety and outline the session plan for the group including the aims of the session and what the group will be doing. This may include demonstrations and explanations of the session as per the coaches’ guidelines for the session. 

A Tri Leader should be supported by other Tri Leaders. 

A Tri Leader can take part in an adult session while leading only if it is safe to do so, however this should be included in the risk assessment for the session.

Level 1 Coaching certification

Can plan and deliver group sessions in enclosed areas for adults and juniors. This means they can coach during the sessions. Enclosed areas refers to pools, running tracks, parks, car parks, sports halls. 

Can plan, outline and supervise adult open water and open road sessions. 

Can provide a plan and deliver an adult or junior open water session once the TI Open Water module has been successfully completed and sufficient support is in place. 

Can provide a plan and deliver an adult or junior open road session once the Cycling Ireland ‘Ride Leader’ or TI equivalent CPD has been completed. 

→ Cannot take part in a session while coaching.

Level 2 Coaching certification

Can plan and deliver group and individual sessions including open water and open road for adults and juniors.
→ Can coach during all sessions.

→ Cannot take part in a session while coaching.

CTC subsidies and obligations

As mentioned, there is an option to have the club pay for coaching courses, in return for a specified number of volunteer hours. The required hours are listed below alongside the corresponding certification.

*In 2024, for the first time, CTC will be running a kayak safety course, teaching members how to assist and support in the case of a water / swim incident. Further details will be provided in the spring.