Ivan’s Celtman 2023 Race Report

Ivan recently competed in the Celtman long distance race, here’s what he had to say.

Celtman is part of the Xtri series of races and is billed as having a 3.4km swim in cold, jellyfish
infested Atlantic waters, 200km cycle on incredible Scottish highland roads with about 2200m of
climbing plus a marathon on 80% trail over 2 Munroes. Plus monster swarms of midges and
voracious horse flies or ‘clegs’ as they are called in Scotland. ½ way though the run is T2A and if you
get there within 11 hours, you are awarded a blue t-shirt and get to do the high run course or
otherwise you get a white one and the low course. Sounds pleasant enough and I had done the same
race in 2017 with my buddy Owen crewing so I kinda knew what I was letting myself in for. Read the full report here….