Last Track Session August 30th (There will be Ice Cream)

We are on to the last track session of the season, number 23. With the Lost Sheep coming up fast we’ve decided to have another evening of 400m repeats. Again a divided set of 12 x 400m as 2 x (6 x 400m). Anyone doing the Lost Sheep should consider doing no more than one block of 6 x 400m. For anyone not doing Lost Sheep but racing later in the month, do the full session.

As it is the last session of the season the social committee have promised us ice cream at the end of the session. So if you have children bring them along as well.


Easy warm up

Dynamic stretch


2 x (6 x 400m) with 200m easy recovery jog

Cool down (the ice will help)

Usual arrangements, even for the last night, session starts at 7:00pm so meet by the entrance to the track at about 6:50pm. Please register here on Event.

This is the last track session but the Wednesday runs will continue on the UCC Farm for the month of September under the guidance of Trevor Mahoney, more about this next week.