Wednesday Track Session 31st May

Our longest interval set, 3 x 1600m this week. As always really work to run the 3 at an even pace and run the 4 laps within each interval at an even pace as well. Recovery is 800m easy jog. The usual warnings at this time of the year, everyone needs to balance recovery, if you have raced last weekend and be careful with preparation if you are racing next weekend.

Also this week there will be an opportunity to chat with the coaches. Ideal if you have any questions about your training, particularly if you are following either of the club generic schedules. We have taken the upstairs room in the pavillion for an hour or so after the track session. There is a separate registration for this which was posted on the club WhatsApp groups.


Easy warm up

Dynamic stretch


3 x 1600m with 800m easy recovery jog

Cool down

Arrangements as normal for the track session, it begins at 7:00pm and runs to 8:00pm. St Finbarr’s have the hour before us and there is a juvenile club on immediately afterwards. Meet at the entrance to the track at about 6:50pm.

Please register for the session here on Eventbrite.