Track Session Wednesday 19th April

This weeks session is an exercise in pace management as well as a speed session. We have done this before (previous years) it is a great session for those that are relatively inexperienced at either track running or judging pace in general. Noel will also be continuing with the New to Track session.


Easy warm-up

Dynamic Stretch


4 x 400m with 200m recovery jog

2 x 800m with 400m recovery jog


Cool down

The object of the session is to run the 400s and the 800s at the exact same pace as you will be able to hold for the full 1600m. So if you run the 400s in 90s, you should run the 800s in 3:00min and then be able to hold 6:00min for the full 1600m. The obvious danger is going off too fast for the 400s and then not being able to hold that pace for the longer distances. As a pacing exercise you should try not to look at your watches until the end of the particular interval.

Please register for the main session here and register here for the New to Track. The location is on the Sonia O’Sullivan Track in the UCC Grounds on the Mardyke.

Both sessions start at 7:00pm when St Finbarr’s finish up so try to arrive at about 6:50pm and wait at the side(Point A on the picture) of the pavilion by the gates (Point B) to the track. There is no parking allowed in the Mardyke, there is some street parking nearby and the usual carparks at the end of the Straight Road which is just a short jog away.