Wednesday Run March 8th (Taking to the Hills)

As mentioned having a bit of a change, we are finished for the season with the business park and are moving on to do a block of hill repeats during the Wednesdays of March. So just one meeting place, the car park on the city side of the Kingsley Hotel at 6:30pm, here.

The hill is at the bottom of Sunday’s Well, here on the map just over the river across either Wellington Bridge or the Shakey Bridge. The little lane was always known as Rose Hill but for some reason is showing as Hyde Park on the map? The run over is quite short so I’m suggesting a lap or the Lee Fields walkway as a warm up. Even though the evenings are getting brighter please wear some Hi-Viz clothing.


easy warm up run, plus one run up the hill just to get our bearings

6 x Hills with easy run down as recovery

Jog back to Straight Road as cool down

The format will be a run to the large gates close to the top of the hill. The faster runners should jog an additional 20 or so metres beyond the gates, turn and jog down, all the slower runners should turn as the faster runners meet them on the way down. In that way everyone has a session at their own level and the group stays together

Hill Repeats On Rose Hill

The weather is not looking great for the coming week, we usually don’t cancel unless there is at least an orange weather warning. Keep an eye on the Club WhatsApps just in case there is a late notice