Proposed amendments to Club Constitution – New CTC roles

CTC is holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Wednesday, March 1, at 8.30pm.
The meeting is to consider two amendments to the constitution, adding a Head Coach position and creating an Equipment Officer role within the committee.

Definition of proposed roles:

Head coach definition


•The Club Head Coach is responsible for developing and implementing the annual club training strategy while ensuring that there is an appropriate and relevant balance of disciplines and also while ensuring that club training sessions are safe and cater for the member’s various skill and ability needs.

•The Club Head Coach is also responsible for encouraging and overseeing current best practice in club coach development.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•To establish annual direction and review process for the club’s coaching.

•To attend club meetings and report on the coach strategy and progress.

•Promote coaching development.

•To hold, at least pre-season and post-season, club coaching forums. 

•To consider coach, committee and member feedback on the strategy.

•To prepare or be available to review coaching sessions in advance together with other coaches. 


•3 years maximum

Equipment Officer

The Equipment Officer is responsible for monitoring CTC’s main pieces of equipment, particularly with respect to equipment which is being loaned out to club members.

Duties and responsibilities:
The said officer will keep a log of equipment loans, maintaining a record of who borrowed what and for how long.

The officer is also responsible for the paperwork associated with equipment loans, including deposit schemes and policies surrounding the responsibilities and requirements of members with loaned equipment.

The equipment officer would also be required to research and suggest equipment upgrades or new purchases at committee level, from year to year.

The officer should also keep a record of the condition equipment is in, before going out on loan and on return. All records should be in a format/database which can be passed on to subsequent Equipment Officers.

All members are welcome to attend the meeting, which will be held online, on Zoom.


Any proposed change to the Constitution by a member must be received by the Chairperson or Secretary at least [8] days prior to the date of the EGM (March 5, 2023) in order that members shall have sufficient notice of the proposal.  At the discretion of the Chairperson, amendments not submitted at least [8] days prior to the EGM, may be proposed by any member present at the EGM and voted upon. Please advise by e-mail to any motions/proposals/resolution you wish to have discussed/voted upon at the meeting.