Wednesday Run 21st September at 6:30pm UCC Sports Grounds (The Farm) at Curraheen

Looks like its not going to be too bright of an evening so we will go 30 minutes earlier to 6:30pm. Similar session to the one we did last week, we’ll just extend the interval duration to 5 minutes and reduce the number to four.

So meet at the same entrance where we met last week at 6:30pm, point 5 on the aerial photograph. We’ll do an easy jog to the far field, do a lap as a warmup then short dynamic stretch and some strides and then into the main set.


Easy warm up jog

Dynamic stretch


4 x 5 minutes at tempo with 2.5 minute easy recovery jog

Cool down jog to start

Because we are running in an enclosed area the session is suitable for all levels, beginner to elite. Last week we had the faster runners double back during the recovery so we started each interval as a group. Don’t be afraid or intimidated give it a lash.

There is parking on the road by the gate but do not park beyond the entrance (point 5) as the greyhound stadium sometimes send in the clampers. For those using public transport the no. 208 bus has a stop by the pin labelled “8 West Consulting”, if you are cycling out bring a lock.