Track Session Wednesday 31st August (With Ice Cream)

Its the last track session of the year and we are going to finish up with a 5km Time Trial. It will follow the usual format with a warm up some dynamic stretches and strides and then into the 5km. We will have the large clock at the track side.

We are not finishing up all of the quicker sessions, we will move next week to the UCC Sports Grounds (The Farm) out at Curraheen for some tempo work on grass during September, there will be a short break for a while in October before we start our winter sessions in November.

As Wednesday is officially the end of meterological summer we are finishing up with ICE CREAM for all at the end of the session. To make this more of a family occasion we are inviting all those attending the session to bring their children, they can have a gallop around the track, if they like, but they can definitely have ice cream.


Easy warm up jog

Dynamic Stretch


5km Time Trial

Cool down

Ice cream

Meeting arrangements are the same as normal, meet at the back of the pavilion at about 6:50pm. Session will start at 7:00pm. Please register on Eventbrite here, only the adults doing the session need to register, children coming for ice cream don’t.