Track Session Wednesday 24th August

Just one more week left after this week. So this week is the last session as such, as next week we will finish up on the track with another 5km Time Trial with the additional treat of ice cream if we can get that organized.

This week it is 3 x 1600m with 800m recovery jog. In September we are hoping to go to the UCC Farm (playing fields) in Curraheen for a few sessions on grass. Usual advice for the 1600s, try to keep the pace even across all four of the laps in each 1600 and even across the three 1600s.

For anyone doing Hardman at the weekend obviously we would not at all recommend doing the full set. If you are looking to sharpen up before, feel free to do a reduced set, for example 3 x 800m. For anyone doing the Vodaphone NC in Dublin you have until Sunday so you could probably do the full set with sufficient recovery time before you race, only you can make that call!

Meet as usual at the entrance to the track behind the pavilion near the side entrance to the track at about 6:50pm. Don’t come on to the track until St Finbarrs are finished their session, head straight into a few easy laps as a warm up. The dynamic stretch session starts at approximately 7:05 up at the 100m start. Please register here on Eventbrite.


Easy warm up

Dynamic stretch


3 x 1600m with 800m easy recovery jog

Cool down