Wednesday Track Session August 17th

Well done to everyone who competed in either the 70.3 or the full IM on the weekend in Youghal. The usual health warnings for the track session, it is up to each individual athlete to balance their own recovery cycle. In essence I would not recommend that anyone who did the 70.3 do a track session tomorrow. By all means come down to the track do the warm-up, the stretch and if you like the strides maybe then just jog round the outside chatting and comparing the experience with other members who competed. For those who did the full, have a rest!

Similarly for anyone doing Jailbreak on Saturday, the session this week is 4 x 1200m so I would not recommend the full track session. If you want to do something a little bit quick why not do 4 x800m with a longer rest, again each individual needs to know their own body and balance accordingly. Chat to one of the coaches if you are unsure.


Easy warm-up

Dynamic stretch


4 x 1200m with easy 400m recovery

Cool down

Usual meeting arrangements, at about 6:50pm at the back of the pavillion (point A) by the gate into the track (B). Please wait until St Finbarr’s are finished their session before coming onto the track. For any of our newer members the session is good for all levels of experience and fitness. We break into 4 groups of roughly equal ability from some of the best runners in the club to beginners. Please register for the session on Eventbrite here.