Track Session Wednesday 10th August

Session of 800s lined up for Wednesday. Aware that a large number of people in the club are doing the 70.3 in Youghal on Saturday and a smaller number doing the full IM on Saturday. Obviously it would not be recommended that either group do a full session tomorrow night. The full session is going to be 6 x 800m with 400m recovery, at most for any one competing who just wants to get their legs turning over, do no more than 2 x 800m. Even though you are tapering it is no harm to do something with a little pace as long as it is not flat out and the overall volume is kept low.


Easy warm up

Dynamic stretch


6 x 800m with 400m easy jog recovery

Cool down

Usual arrangements for meeting; meet at about 6:50pm by the side entrance to the track behind the pavillion.

It is going to be very hot so be sure to take some water with you. Please register on Eventbrite here.