Wednesday Track Session July 20th

Little bit of a deviation from the usual round of intervals this week. Instead of going to 1600s we will do a session of 1200s, 4 x 1200m to be exact. For anyone going long this year (70.3 up) you should really focus on the e800s, 1200s and 1600s. Session will be set up as normal, please register on Eventbrite here.

The participation and effort has been great over the last few weeks with noticeable development, increased intensity and pace. As usual it is up to the individual to balance recovery from last weekend’s races, if you had one, and preparation for next weekend if you are racing then. If in any doubt have a chat with one of the coaches before the session begins.


Easy warm up

Dynamic stretch


4 x 1200m with slow 400m recovery

Cool down

Meet at the usual time of about 6:50pm at the side gate to the track behind the Pavillion. Don’t go on to the track until St Finbarr’s are finished. Bring some water, even though the intense heat will be gone it will still probably be warm.