Wednesday Track Session 18th May

Back again this week to 400s, we will move the number of repeats up to 12, we won’t go higher than this for the rest of the season. This week the speed session will move out to lane 4 for the intervals as the New to Track Group will be having a 3000m time trial and will need the inside 3 Lanes. It is easy enough to do 400s from lane 4 as the stagger is clearly marked on the track.

Each athlete needs to monitor and manage their own speed sessions, as we are coming into competition season everyone needs to balance the amount they do on the Wednesday before a race with the proximity of the race. No hard and fast rules but if racing on a Saturday you may need to reduce the volume, if racing on Sunday, depending on fitness, you could probably do the full set. Again even though we say the session is 12 x 400m there is no problem with anyone deciding that, for example 10 x 400m is sufficient for them. If you haven’t much experience have a chat with one of the coaches before or after the session.


Easy warm up

Dynamic stretch


4 x 400m with 200m easy jog recovery

Cool down

Usual arrangements; meet behind the pavilion by the entrance to the track at about 6:50pm, we can’t go onto the track until 7:00pm when St Finbarr’s finish up. start your warm up with the group and the session proper will start at the top of the 100m straight at about 7:05. Also we need to be off the track pretty promptly at 8:00pm as there is another group on after us. Please register for the session here on Eventbrite.