New to Track Finale: 3000m Time Trial 18th May

This is the last week of the 6 week New to Track block, it is expected that from this week out that everyone doing the new to track will “graduate” to the main speed session’

To finish off the block there will be a 3000m time trial. 3000m is 7 .5 laps of the track, so it will start at your usual gathering place at the 200m start location and finish over where the main speed session starts. The TT will be run on the inner three lanes of the track and the main speed group will move out to lanes 4 and out.

Noel will go through warm up and pre-TT briefing before getting the event started. As usual please register in advance here on Eventbrite.

Usual meeting arrangements, session starts at 7:00pm so meet at about 6:50pm behind the pavilion by the gate to the track. Then head over to the 200m start by the Mardyke Arena side of the track for warm up and briefing.