Wednesday Run 30th March – Tempo Run on Grass at the UCC Playing Fields (UCC Farm)

Last run before we head to the track. Just for a change of scene we are heading to the UCC Farm in Curraheen. Meet at the entrance to the UCC Playing Fields at 6:30pm ready to run. Its good to get the occasional run on grass. For those not familiar with the Farm see the entrance here. There is no group meeting on the Straight Road. Just be careful if you are driving to the location, don’t park on the greyhound stadium side of the entrance they sometimes clamp, park from the entrance up towards the roundabout. Please register for the session here on Eventbrite, the sessions are still listed as being on the Business Park.

The session will consist of a warm-up then a set of 5 x 5 minutes at tempo in the furthest out of the fields. This is almost exactly 1km round so it will give people a good idea of pacing. Feidhlim will be taking the session this week.

Next week we will move to the track for the summer season. There will be two sessions running simultaneously. Noel O’Regan will take a “New to Track” session for those who are not familiar with track running or feel a bit intimidated by track running. There will also be a regular track session as in other years for those more experienced. Trevor Mahoney will also be holding a tempo/hill session in Tramore Valley Park on Monday evenings at 7:00pm. More about these sessions in a post next week.