Wednesday 2nd March Let’s hit the hills

So we are going to do a block of hill repeats before we head to the track in April. This means that there will be a change to the arrangements. Everyone should meet at the carpark on the city side of the Kingsley Hotel at 6:30pm. From there the group will run to the hill at Rose Hill Upper. This is at the bottom of Sunday’s Well Road directly across the road from the big red house by the river that has recently been refurbished, a pin dropped on the map here.

Rose Hill Upper is a small cul-de-sac with some private houses and almost no traffic. The format of the session will be 8 x hill runs with the jog down the hill as recovery. The idea will be that the fastest of the group will run hard up the hill to the big gates on the right hand side near the top. The quickest group should jog the extra 20-30m to the end then turn and jog back down to the start. For slower runners coming up stop your hard effort and jog back down with the quicker runners. This way everyone runs to their ability/current level of fitness and as with all of these sessions no one gets left behind. If you haven’t done hill repeats before don’t be scared off, they are a great early season strength builder.

Please register for the session on Eventbrite here. I won’t be there this week Feidhlim will take the session, it is quite a short distance from the Straight Road over to Rose Hill it might be an idea to loop up to the carpark in the middle of the Lee Fields and down the walkway across the Kingsley Bridge to the start to get a proper warm-up. Also a good idea on the first night for everyone to jog easily to the top to see the finish before starting the hard efforts. It will still be quite dark by the end of the session so wear some reflective gear.