Wednesday Run January 19th

After the awful event of last week I wasn’t sure how to begin the description for this week’s run. Not sure if I have been too casual over the years with locations for the runs and how to get there without sufficient awareness that for half the club getting there safely might be an issue. If I (we) can do things better with less stress please let me know, maybe through the club Women’s Officer, Kelly Agnew. I (Brendan) will not be there to take the session this week Noel O’Regan will lead.

The session will be in the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road. This is a closed loop of almost exactly 1km so no one gets dropped and the usually quite large group gets strung out along the loop as the session progresses. The session is very suitable for beginners or those new to the club, if you haven’t been at the session before please make yourself known to Noel at the start. Two options to get there/meet; 1) meet at 6:30pm at the carpark on the city side of the Kingsley Hotel on the Straight Road or 2) at 6:50pm at the first roundabout inside the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road. If driving to the Technology Park go to the first roundabout and take a right, there is a visitors carpark about 400m down the hill on the left hand side. Most of the runners come a little earlier and do a warmup lap in advance. Please wear Hi-Viz or some form of lighting.

The session this week is still 24 minutes at tempo in intervals of 4 and 3 minutes.


Easy run from the Straight Road to the business park via the Curraheen River Walkway

6 x 60m strides

3 x 4 minutes at tempo with 2 minute recovery jog

4 x 3 minutes at tempo with 90s recovery jog

Easy run back to Straight Road via Farranlee Park

Please register for the run on Eventbrite here.