10 miler training plan – Noel O’Regan

We are going to put together a 7 week training plan for the Dungarvan 10 race on 6/2/21
The plan will consist of 3 training runs per week:

1 long run on weekends
2 midweek runs consisting of a steady run and a Tempo run.

Ideally athletes should know there race pace in km and or miles, this is important for our Tempo runs to be effective. We will also put in a race or Time trial in the middle of the program.
Also please note this is designed for active participants who would still be swimming and doing some cycling.

So starting week 1 commencing on 20th December easy holiday running on a couple of occasions with an hour run anywhere you can find the time.
We will post the remainder of the program next week.
Any questions can be put on the CTC what’s app
Yours in Sport