Amendments to Club Constitution

The club committee recently undertook a review of the club constitution. There were some areas that were outdated and did not reflect the current needs of the club. It was decided to amend several areas of which a summary are below.

  • Updated and amended provisions on Juniors by reference to TI requirements. 
  • Amendments to provisions on AGM to account for a Virtual AGM
  • Updated reference to TI policies and statements throughout Constitution.
  • Amendments to Membership provisions, in particular the detailing of the Disciplinary Committee.
  • Added and amended Definitions Section. 
  • Added further Committee roles and definitions of same.
  • Formatting Changes. 

The updated document is available here

A vote will take place at the AGM to adopt the changes to the Constitution


Any proposed change to the Constitution by a member must be received by the Chairperson or Secretary at least [8] days prior to the date of the AGM (5th Nov 2021) in order that members shall have sufficient notice of the proposal.  At the discretion of the Chairperson, amendments not submitted at least [8] days prior to the AGM, may be proposed by any member present at the AGM and voted upon. Please advise by e-mail to any motions/proposals/resolution you wish to have discussed/voted upon at the meeting.