Wednesday Track Session September 1st

Into the last month of track sessions plus a lot of races in September. This week we roll around to 3 x 1600m or 3 x 1 mile in old money. This is a specially good session for anyone doing middle distance triathlons but is also very good conditioning set.

Usual arrangements, you must register on Eventbrite here. Meet by the Pavilion before 7:00pm, enter by the side gate as soon as St Finbarr’s finish up and at the end of the session before 8:00pm leave by the gate on the first bend.


Easy warm-up laps

Dynamic Stretch


3 x 1600m with easy 800m recovery jog

Cool down

This session is all about pacing, it should be a tough session where you have to work really hard to maintain pace particularly over the last interval. It is also about pacing try to maintain an even pace across all 4 laps of the 1600m and also hold the same pace across the three 1600s. As usual we will operate with 4 pace groups, look at your times for the last time we did this session. Give yourself a time which is a small improvement on that time and then pick the pace group that best suits your target time. Don’t be afraid to step up a group, if after the first one you think you over reached with an 800m recovery it will be easy to drop back or alternatively if you are too quick for your group step up!