Wednesday Track Session August 18th

Starting another round of sessions with 400s. After last weeks heroics with the 5000m TT we are back to 12 x 400m. Hoping as usual that people are keeping a record of their progress through the summer. Everyone should be looking for small improvements in their average times across the session. We have about 7 weeks of track sessions left. Because of the delay in the race season because of COVID we are extending the track to the end of September. There will probably be 2-3 weeks of a break and then we will go into the autumn/winter sessions on the Model Farm Road.


Easy warm-up laps

Dynamic stretch


12 x 400m with 200m easy recovery jog

Cool down

Usual arrangements, meet by the Pavilion, enter the track by the side gate when St Finbarr’s are finished. Try to keep social distance when assembling. Leave the track by the gate on the first bend when the session is over.