Track Session Wednesday 11th August

Last week we finished another full cycle of 400/800/1600 intervals. This week to give everyone a chance to set another marker of compare to their last one we will have another 5000m time trial. Feidhlim will set up everyone who registers on Raceclocker so that all get a fairly accurate time. We will also have the large digital clock on the trackside.

Register as normal on Eventbrite, here.

We will allow everyone start in small groups, there will be a fixed time interval between each of the groups. Some of the newer people may prefer to do a shorter distance, 3000m. The two TTs will start together.

Usual arrangements meet by the Pavilion before 7:00pm, enter the track by the side gate when St Finbarr’s finish up and exit by the gate on the first bend at the end of the session.

We will do a normal warmup, dynamic stretch and strides and then get into the TT.