Track Session Wednesday 28th July

Back to 800s this week, 6 x 800m. For anyone doing Bantry Half at the weekend I would NOT recomend doing this session. If want to sharpen on the track as part of your taper feel free to come down but instead of 6 x 800 probably no more than about 6 x 400m.

For those doing the main set try to hold just about 2 s per lap slower than your 400m repeat time. If you ran 80s per 400m you should be running your 800s you should be running about 2m:44/45s for the 800s.

Meet at the usual spot by the pavilion before 7:00pm, enter the track by the side gate leave by the gate on the first bend, after the session.

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Dynamic Stretch


6 x 800m with 400m easy recovery jog

Cool down