Wednesday Track Session July 21st

It’s back to 400s this week with a set of twelve. Normally for this iteration we would go to a straight 12 x 400s with 200m recovery. Because of the extreme heat we are going to retain the 2 x 6 format with a longer 400m recovery after the 6th one. The heat is a bit extreme for Ireland but remember if you are racing on the continent these temperatures are fairly normal. This is an ideal opportunity to get some acclimation. There is a large degree of personal responsibility involved, make sure you are hydrated before, if you want have a bottle trackside and drink after the 6th 400m. You will on average be giving effort for about 18 minutes in total, not huge compared to race times. If you feel unwell, dizzy or other adverse symptoms STOP.

As usual you need to register on Eventbrite, here. Meet at the usual time. about 6:50pm, enter the track at 7:00pm when St Finbarr’s leave and after the session exit by the gate on the first bend.


Easy warm up

Dynamic Stretch


6 x 400m with 200m recovery jog

400m easy

6 x 400m easy recovery jog

Cool down, (you’ll be lucky)