Wednesday Track Session June 2nd

This week we are starting a repeat of the cycle, going back to 400s. This week we are bumping the number up to 10 repetitions. Hopefully everybody is keeping a record of their times over the various weeks so that they can compare. You should look for a slight improvement from iteration to iteration, so you should be looking at your times from May 12th for comparison. Again try to run even pace across the full session, one or two people were still going for a blistering last lap past week, if you spread your effort properly across the session you should not be able to do that at the end.

Usual arrangements will apply, you must be registered for the session on Eventbrite. If for some unforeseen reason you cannot make the session, please cancel as early as possible on Eventbrite and stick a post on the WhatsApp group so that someone else can take it up. Meet outside the track at 6:55pm and keep a reasonable social distance, enter the track via the small gate at the back of the pavillion and after the session exit via the gate mid-way along the first bend.

Registration on Eventbrite is here is here

Main Track Session

Easy warm-up

Dynamic Stretch


10 x 400m with 200m recovery JOG


New to Track

the New to Track main set is as follows:

1 x 400m

1 x 800m

2 x 1600m

1 x 800m

1 x 400m

For anyone doing the tempo sessions the suggested set for this week is:

Tempo Session



3 x 8 minutes with 4 minutes easy recovery jog

10-15 minute cool down