Summer Swim Sessions

Registration for the CTC summer swim sessions will go live at midnight tonight. There are two blocks each will open for an initial run of 4 weeks during June. Session 1 is from 8:00pm to 9:00pm on Tuesday evenings in LeisureWorld, Bishopstown, this will be taken by Brendan O’Neill, the sessions start on June 8th, Session 2 is from 7:00am to 8:00am in LeisureWorld, Churchfield and the sessions will be taken by Adrian Quinn, these start on Wednesday June 9th.. There are 6 lanes in Bishopstown and these will be divided as 4 lanes for a swim session, divided by swim ability and two lanes for stroke development there are separate registrations and you must register for one or the other with no swapping for the duration of the 4 week block. The Churchfield will be a swim session with the 4 lanes divided by swim ability.

It would be really useful if you could put in your 100m repeat swim time(if you know it) in brackets after your name when registering, for example John Doe(1:45), it will help to start the lane assignments in advance and save some time on the first evening. Repeat swim time is not your fastest 100m but the time you would expect to hold over a set of 10 x 100m. Just to note the stroke development sessions are not swim lessons you should be able swim at least 50m freestyle. If you have personal swim aids please bring them with you, swim fins, hand paddles and pull buoy. The club recently got some pairs of fins and paddles, funded under the government Sports Capital Grant Programme, which can be given out for use on the evening but in current times if you have them please bring your own. The club aids will be cleaned after each session.

Each block of 4 sessions will cost €20, register here for the Bishopstown Stroke Coaching sessions, 12 slots available, register here for the Bishopstown swim session, 24 slots and here for the Churchfield swim sets, 24 slots. Please be aware of the COVID restrictions, there are some tick boxes to check with respect to the COVID restrictions and the TI guidelines on the registration form. We have developed some protocols for the swim sessions which incorporate the systems that LeisureWorld have put in place for use of their facilities, please have a read of this document below.