Wednesday Track Session 26th May

Session is a bit longer this week but the intensity doesn’t build until the latter end of the set. As well as being an interval session it is also an exercise in pace control. It is a set of 400s, 800s and finally a 1600m. The idea of the session is to run the 400s at the same pace as you can hold for the full 800s and 1600m. So for example if you run your 400s in 90s you should run the 800s in 3:00 minutes and the 1600m six minutes. A warning, very few people get this right, they run the initial 400s too quickly and then cannot hold the pace for the 800s and the 1600m. The 400s should feel very comfortable, cruising, working a bit for the 800s and really digging in to hold the 400 pace over the full 1600m

You must have registered for the session on Eventbrite to take part.

Main Group Session

Warm up jog

Dynamic stretch


4 x 400m at 1600m pace with 200m recovery jog

2 x 800m at 1600m pace with 400m recovery jog


The New to Track group will again be under the coaching of Noel O’Regan, very similar set to the main group

New to Track

Main Set

2 x 400m

1 x 800m

2 x 1600m

Usual arrangements, meet outside the track fence at 6:55pm, please observe social distancing while waiting for the session to begin. We will divide into the groups as registered for the warmup, stretch and strides and then separate into 4 separate pace groups for the set. At the end of the session please don’t assemble in clusters. Bring some warm clothing and a drink bottle.

For Anyone still doing tempo sessions, suggested set is:

Tempo Session

3 x 5 minutes at tempo with 2.5 minute recovery jog

5 x 2 minutes with 1 minute recovery jog