Wednesday Track Session May 19th

Second night of the track sessions after a great first night back, the feeling of enthusiasm was palpable last week. Keeping the volume down a bit this week again until everybody is back into the full swing of things. The arrangements worked really well so we will use the same format this week. The New to Track group will go with Noel for the full session, warm up, stretch, strides and main set. The other two groups A & AA will do the dynamic stretch and strides in the groups as they registered. We will then further subdivide into 4 group according to pace as we did last week. It worked well last week and we did speak to a few people about stepping up a level. Feidhlim and Andrew O’Leary will be coaching this week.

The groups filled up again very quickly again this week. We are going to try have a third group of 14 next week, as well as the New to Track.

Track Session

Easy warm up, come warmed up but try to get a couple of easy laps in before 7:05

Dynamic stretch

5-6 Strides

Main Set

4 x 800m

Easy cool down

Follow the same set up a last week, don’t go inside the track railings until just after 7:00pm, maintain social distancing when gathering outside at point D on the aerial view. Enter the track through the gate at point B. Exit the track through the gates at point C. Try not to cluster together after the session either. Bring your own drink bottle, no sharing. Wear a warm outer layer that you can take off for the main set and put back on at the end.

New to Track Session

Main Set

2 x 400m

3 x 800m

For anyone who is doing the tempo sessions solo or with a few friend see the suggestion below:

Suggested Tempo

3 x 6 minutes at tempo with 3 minutes recovery jog

2 x 3 minutes at tempo with 90s recovery jog