Track Is Back – Wednesday 12th May

After a long wait and about 6 weeks later than we would usually start we are back on the track hopefully until the end of September. There are still some restrictions in place, we have to confine the session to a maximum group size of 15 per group. We will have two groups of 15 for people who are comfortable with doing the track sessions, there will be another group of 15 for beginners or people new to track running. Noel O’Regan will take the beginner group and Brendan O’Neill and Feidhlim O’Dubhlaing will take 15 each of the others. The training takes place on the Sonia O’Sullivan Track in the UCC Sports Facilities on the Mardyke. Session runs from 7:00pm to 8:00pm

You must register in advance on Eventbrite, here. substitutions are not allowed and you must be registered to take part. There is a password required to log on to Eventbrite this will be circulated via the CTC Broadcast Whatsapp Group. You also must be a current paid up member of CTC to take part. Please only register if you are sure you can attend, it is unfair to register and then pull out at the last minute.

There is a document on the website with an explanation of the track programme, I would suggest people have a look at this, it outlines the sessions and reasoning behind the programme. the document can be seen here. Noel will be doing a different programme with the beginner group.

The session for this week


Warm up

Dynamic Stretch


8 x 400m with 200m easy recovery jog

Easy cool down

Ideally bring your own drink bottle, no sharing of bottles, wear a warmish top that can be taken off for the main set and be put back on for the cool down.

Do NOT go into the track before 7:00pm, St Finbarr’s AC have the track for the hour before ours, we must wait until they leave before we go in. We have to assemble outside the track fence on the river side. Please observe social distancing before the we go in. We will be watched by other clubs and Mardyke staff so we need to follow the rules and be seen to observe the COVID conditions. There is very limited parking inside the Mardyke, you are supposed to be a member of the Mardyke Arena to use the inside parking. There is usually on-street parking or in the small car park at the city end of the Straight Road, opposite the large construction site.

For anyone who wants to continue the tempo sessions on their own the suggested set is:

8 minutes at tempo with 4 minute easy recovery jog

2 x 4 minutes at tempo with 2 minutes recovery jog

8 minutes at tempo with 4 minute recovery