Improving Cycling Performance – Webinar Thursday 8th April @ 8pm


Join club member and Physio, John Phelan, over on zoom Thursday evening, 8th April @8pm where he breaks down and examines the various factors influencing cycling performance in this up coming webinar.  In it he goes through the importance of :
  • Pelvic stability on the saddle
  • Pedal technique
  • Triathlon bike set up and rider mobility
  • Small bit on strength training (you should all know the importance of this after Adam’s S&C classes)
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Chat and questions
John has focused on the science of cycling and physio-led bike fitting over the past 5 years and he has attended many courses and conferences in this specialised area to stay up to date with his bike fitting service, read more about Johns services here.  
Zoom invite will be circulated in the club WhatsApp on thursday evening.