March Iron Week Challenge, Starts Monday 22nd March!

Can you cover the distance of a Half or Full Ironman distance Triathlon in one week? In the latest club challenge, that’s exactly what we’d like you to explore! Lace up your runners, oil your chains, dial in the right nutrition and lets get this challenge going! The goal is to cover distance, so speed, time or how many training sessions it takes doesn’t matter! This is a participation event, for fun and to challenge ourselves and finish March out in style.

Set yourself a goal to complete the total distance during the week(run, bike only, no swimming required):

  • Half distance
    • Run 1.9km, Cycle 90km, Run 21km
  • Full distance
    • Run 3.8km, Cycle 180km, Run 42km

Covering the half distance could be the perfect challenge for someone new to the sport, with some existing fitness and eager to get a solid weeks training in. More experienced members might like to challenge themselves with extending the distance they cover in the week, some might tackle the full distance in a shorter amount of time.

As you consider whether to go for Half or Full, reflect on your recent training, assess whether you have the endurance and ability for either challenge, this is not the time to go from Zero to Hero and risk injury.

PRIZES! All are welcome to participate in this challenge, 2021 club members who cover the distance (half or full), will be entered into a draw for TWO lucky goodie bag prizes, the prizes will be chosen at random.

  • ONE prize bags will include one of the new Club Jackets
  • ONE prize bag will include other goodies (example: T-Shirt, race belt, water bottle, mask)

A third goodie bag will be for the best social media post around your training, so be sure to tag @corktri with your antics! If you’re not in, you can’t win!


  • Prizes are open to all 2021 club members who sucessfully complete either distance.
  • Strava Corktri leaderboard will be used to capture who covered the distances. Alternatively, simply email with proof of run/bike distance covered (by 6pm Monday 29th March).
  • Participants must be a member of Cork tri Strava club Join here
  • One additional prize will go to the best social media post related to your Iron training week
  • Prize giving may be delayed due to covid, until we can meet in person (don’t worry, we won’t forget!).
  • Winners will be announced during week of 29th March.