Nutrition Workshop – Friday 19th March @7.30PM

Following on from our recent survey there’s been a huge appetite (sorry!) for a nutrition workshop.
Nutritionist and fellow triathlete Fiona o Donnell will present a workshop next Friday week 19th March at 7.30pm . To get the most out of this live session she has produced a short video – details of which are below.  

Nutrition for Triathletes

The first video describes how we might begin to understand whether we are in energy balance. Our energy balance has an effect on our performance, our risk of illness and injury and how much training we have a capacity for. We also look at the ‘food first’ approach and I ask whether you are supplementing with what you need versus what clever marketing tells us we need. Finally, I will make a recommendation to spend a little bit of time tracking your food before our upcoming ‘live’ so that you have a better understanding of whether or not you are fueling your performance and your recovery adequately. In order to understand whether we need to make changes in our nutrition, we first need to understand where we are starting. 

We will publish Fiona’s second video next week along with registration and a form to ask any questions ahead of  the live session.