Week 3: Womens social turbo Monday @6pm

NOTE Earlier time! To allow folks join the TI Making Waves series of webinars, we’re sliding these sessions forward by 1hour, we hope that folks are still able to join in. There has been a super turnout for the past two weeks, so we’ll keep the momentum going, join us again from the comfort of your sheds, kitchens, spare rooms… guests & new members are very welcome to join.

The set for this week will be as follows & lead by Stacie Finnegan:

  • 10 mins warmup
  • Main set is 4 sets of :
    • 3 min at 80%
    • 2 min at 90%
    • 3 min @ 50% (easy)
    • 2 mins @ 60% (steady)
  • 10min cool down

It’ll take about 60mins, start with a quick overview of the session and time for any questions, then we’ll get stuck in! Each session will be for cyclists of all levels and everyone can work at the level of intensity they are comfortable with. 

All you need is your bike, turbo trainer, a towel & bottle of water and of course any questions you have! 

Guests are welcome to join this session, so if you have been on the fence and curious to learn more about triathlon & meet some club members, you are very welcome to join, please register your interest by dropping an email to Jen, our Women’s Officer, womensofficer@corktri.com

The Zoom Link will be circulated via the CTC broadcast Whatsapp group or via email if you are a guest.