Run Alone Sessions Week Beginning 15th February

Simple session this week, (simple, not easy) just repeat 3 minute blocks for the tempo/interval session. Hopefully people are getting out a few times a week and mixing up the format a bit.

Tempo/Interval Session

Easy 10-15 minute warm-up

5-6 strides (about 60m long with 60m recovery)

8 x 3 minutes at tempo with 90s easy recovery jog

10-15 minutes easy cool down

Lots of options for other runs during the week, sustained tempo over longer run anywhere between 5 – 12km depending on your current level of fitness; fartlek session on alternate surfaces, grass, trails; hill repeats. Its also fine to just have an easy recovery run.

As usual follow the guidelines, be aware of other space users when running and if running in the evenings wear hi-viz or some form of lighting.