Run Alone Week Beginning 8th February 2021

Just pushing the time at tempo up to 24 minutes for the tempo-interval session this week, up to 24 minutes from 22. For those that want there is still the option of hill repeats, 3 x 300m (approx) on a not too steep incline with the downhill as recovery. If you are looking for something different for another session why not try something like a fartlek session. This is a Swedish training technique that roughly translates as “Speed Play”. It is more unstructured than a standard track interval session. It is ideally done on grass, a trail or some such surface. It is taking your pace above “normal” running pace for periods and recovering at a lower pace. It is usual to have varied distances, unstructured, for example run at higher pace to the next tree/gap/end of path, then recover until you feel ready to go again. Pick different distances.


Easy 10 – 15 minute easy warm-up

5-6 strides (about 50-60m)

4 x 5 minutes at tempo with 2.5 minute recovery jog

2 x 2 minutes at tempo with 1 minute recovery jog

Easy 10-15 minute easy cool down

Don’t forget to continue following the COVID guidelines, run alone unless already cohabiting with a running partner. Be very aware of other space users and stay within 5km of home. If running in the evening wear Hi-Viz or some kind of light.