Run Alone Session Week Beginning 25th January

Hopefully people are staying sane and getting some exercise in without getting arrested! Some more suggestions for tempo, hills and steady run again this week, great if you can fit all three in, some times running running is the easiest outdoor exercise to fit in given the current restrictions.

Hill Session

Not too steep a hill, so that the running action is not significantly altered

Easy 10 – 15 min warm-up, incorporate some strides on the flat

8 x 300m approx at about 80% with the down hill as recovery

easy 10 – 15 min cool down

Tempo Session

10 – 15 min easy warm-up

6 x 60m strides

2 x 8 minutes at tempo with 4 minute easy recovery jog

2 x 3 minutes at tempo with 90s easy recovery jog

10 – 15 minute cool down

Steady Run (Subthreshold)

If possible try to get somewhere where there are alternate surfaces, gravel paths, grass, dirt etc and get a steady 10km plus run. There are a few possible options depending where you are living: Garryduff Woods, Regional Park in Ballincollig, The Glen Park, Lee Fields (track goes all the way out to the Angler’s Rest by the river). Park areas around the swimming pool in Douglas, Depending on the terrain you can get changes of pace, up hills, slow on muddy tracks or trails with a lot of tree roots, faster where the going is good.

Take care, follow the guideline, be very conscious meeting or overtaking walkers particularly older folks. Heavy breathing runners can be intimidating if they pass very close. Stay safe!