CTC January Virtual Running & Cycling Challenge! Starts Tomorrow!

Club Members: To kickstart January, and given we can’t train together just yet, we can continue to motivate and encourage each other, so…we’ve setup 2 recurring events/challenges on Strava. The Cycling event has the target to cycle the length of Ireland (486kms) over the month or about 3.5 hours per week, and the other is to run the distance from Cork to Limerick (95km) over the month, so a target of 21k per week, or 3k per day 🙂 Sounds simple but will help get the distance and time up! 

Game to join in? Just head over to the club Strava page and join the events! Cork Tri on Strava Record your training sessions, ensure they are saved as public to count towards your total.

Cycling Challenge Leaderboard

Leaderboard for the running challenge

AND… there’s potential that there will be a few spot prizes to those who complete the full distances (more on this later!), so if you’re not in, you can’t win! The challenge is open to all, but any prizes would go to 2020/2021 members only.
Best of luck!!!

p.s. if not using Strava, there is an option to record your distances on google sheets – just ask in the club WhatsApp.