Run Alone: Week Beginning 30th November

Restrictions reduced this week from Level 5 to modified level 3. No group session this Wednesday, there would be 2 other Wednesdays between then and Christmas week. If people are interested in having a group session (limit of 15 people) on Wed 9th and 16th please put a comment to that effect in the comments section of the Facebook post.

Twenty minute tempo session again this week with the usual 50% recovery jog. If you are getting together with clubmates to do the sessions please observe social distancing and be very aware of other users of the location. If running after dark, please wear reflective gear or some form of lighting.


Easy 10-15 minute warm-up

5-6 60m strides

4 x 3 minutes at tempo with 90s recovery jog

4 x 2 minutes with 1 minute recovery jog

5-10 minutes easy cool down