Tonights Track Sessions Cancelled (19/08/2020)

We have been contacted by UCC, all sports facilities including the track will close at 6:00pm tonight. As a result both sessions scheduled for tonight have been cancelled. Apologies for the short notice, back next week.

The picture is not actually this week’s storm, but sure any storm in a port!

See my Newslink/email copy / 600-mile wide Hurricane Lorenzo’s tropical storm-force winds gust risks are shown. Britain is braced for the strongest-ever hurricane near Europe to bring 80mph gales and 16ft waves from Wednesday night Ôø?Ôø?Ôø? after half-a-foot of rain and winter’s first snow. Copyright credit: Alistair Grant Freelance / National Hurricane Center Pic supply payment credit: Alistair Grant Freelance / 07886 000669 /