Night Swim Thursday September 27th

We are holding our night swim around Sandycove Island next Thursday 27th September.  This is a very popular swim and it can be an absolute magical event.  The weather forecast for the week looks very promising with high pressure centered over Ireland for the bulk of the week.  This should mean calm seas but possible a little colder water.  Some health warnings:

  • You should be an experienced Sandycove swimmer, this is not the time to think your first lap of the island would be a good idea.
  • Please try to have a tow buoy, they are a very useful safety aid.
  • We are going to use a buddy system so try to pair up with another swimmer of about equal ability, for anyone without a prearranged buddy we will pair people off on the night

The club will supply glow sticks which can be put under your swim hat or tucked into your goggle strap.  For anyone that has the little free LED bike lights they can be put into a tow buoy for a very noticeable light.  The club has also arranged soup, tea/coffee and sandwiches in the bar of the Trident Hotel in Kinsale for immediately after the event, all welcome even onlookers.

A few housekeeping issues: try to carpool even if just from Kinsale as parking is limited at the slip.  Keep the noise down particularly after the swim.  Be very careful with parking, don’t block driveways.  Keep the door slamming to a minimum.  For anyone not swimming and waiting in the cars do NOT turn on the car headlights thinking it will guide the swimmers in, they are just blinding.

So meet between 7:30 and 7:45pm at the slip, we need to distribute glow sticks and pair off people. The plan is to be in the water for 8:00pm.  So hopefully we will have a great and safe night with a good social event in the Trident after.  Hoping to have a great and safe night, lets take of everyone on the swim.