Sunday cycle 2nd April

At the moment, Sunday is looking to be fairly cool, but dry with light winds. Don’t shed those layers just yet.

Longer route is a new & improved way of getting to Kinsale, 87k with 1121m climbing:

Shorter is a 50k loop out to Crossbarry, cutting back through Halfway, Ballygarvan, and down the Airport hill (520m climbing):
There will be no guided beginner cycle this week.
Group’s must not be more than ten riders. This is for safety reasons. Ideal number is 6-8. Groups should also roll-up regularly.
Each group should feel responsible for everyone in their group making it home safely. If there is a puncture, communicate and check if the person with the puncture has the necessary bits to replace the tube. It’s fine to cycle up the road for a few minutes and then turn back if yer sure the puncture is being repaired. However it shouldn’t be the case that someone gets a puncture and is left stranded for some reason without the group knowing what has happened. Decide upon a plan to regroup, if some loop on to keep warm.
There should be no instance of a group making it to the coffee stop and asking, “What happened to so and so?”. If someone in your group has to stop for a puncture or any other reason, the group needs to make sure that that person can get going again or at least has someone to pick them up.

The Sunday cycle is a group endurance training cycle, not a race. If someone needs to train at a particular zone/speed, make it known at the start, so people can choose to be in your group or not.