Group Turbo sessions, Jan-Mar 2017

CTC_Logo_200_200CTC group turbo sessions start up again on Monday 9th January.  For those who completed the last block, this will afford them the opportunity to maintain and build on all the work done before Christmas.  For any members who weren’t involved before Christmas, don’t be intimidated.  These sessions are designed to work relative to your fitness levels right now.  So January is the perfect time to jump back in to the routine and start building for the 2017 season.

All abilities are encouraged to attend.  At the start of each training block we begin with a threshold test (optional) which will be used to determine HR/power zones for the remainder of the training block.  Advice on executing intervals, the basics of good bike fit, pedaling technique and relevant strength exercises/stretches are covered over the 8 weeks.  These sessions will be structured and will progress from week to week.  No one is ever going to get dropped!

Sessions will take place Monday nights from 7pm to 8:30pm in the Highfield RFC hall.  All that is required is a bike, a turbo trainer and a towel.

The cost is €22 for eleven weeks, starting on Jan 9th 2017.

Register here.