CTC Christmas Party Countdown, Nov 26

SantaCyclingThe club Christmas Party takes place in Glengarriff next Saturday, November 26th.  Numbers are strong and we are likely to have three groups for the social cycle that morning.  I have three suggested routes that should satisfy most palettes…weather dependent!

Short (Out and back to Kenmare) – 54km with 730m climbing.  Start @ 11:00am
Medium (Explore the Borlin valley) – 76km with 1035m climbing.  Start @ 10:45am
Long (Let’s get lost) – 108km with 1756m climbing.  Start @ 10:30am
All three routes allow for a coffee stop in Kenmare before all three groups head back to Glengarriff over the Caha Pass.  We’ve staggered the start times to try and ensure groups can meet in Kenmare.  The limited light means that people should adhere to the start times and also that we can’t be lingering too long in Kenmare for coffee.  We want everyone to be up over the Caha pass before the light starts to fade.
Dinner is set for 7pm that evening in the Glengarriff Park Hotel.  Any activities after that will not be on a schedule 🙂
I’ve heard talk of one or two possibly cycling down to Kenmare on Saturday and also people looking to cycle back to Cork on Sunday.  If you’re driving down on Saturday and would have space for a cyclist or two…and their bikes, please email webmaster@corktri.com.
Have a look at the routes and decide which one you fancy.  Note the start time!